Canada already legalized recreational weed in all ten provinces making it the second country next to Uruguay to espouse such.  With this move, you should at least know what it entails especially if you Order Weed Online.

Here’s a rundown before you make the first online weed purchase:

Who can buy weed?

If you want to carry and share up to 30 grams in public, you must be at least 18 years old in two provinces – Alberta and Quebec. If you are in the other eight provinces, you should be at least 19.

You can also grow up to four plants in your home. This also means you can make edibles for personal use. Keep in mind that the sale of edibles is still banned but there is a possibility that the government will change it.

Can you travel outside Canada with weed?

While it is legal to use weed in Canada, transporting weed outside the country remains illegal. If you do this, you will face criminal charges. For instance, if you are transporting weed to the United States where recreational marijuana is legal, it is still considered a crime according to Canadian laws.

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Where to buy weed?

When it comes to purchasing, you need to know the following:

  • It is sold differently: you must understand that weed won’t be sold in the same tobacco or alcohol establishments. Weeds are likely available at licensed producers or regulated retailers.
  • There are federally run online stores: essentially, there will be one federally run online shopping destination. It is important that you check the online shopping destination according to your respective location or province.

What is the expected price?

You must know that provinces are responsible for regulating the sales of cannabis. There are also online shopping sites that list a wide variety of weed with a range of prices. For instance, Alberta has prices that range from 9.24 to 14.95 Canadian dollars per gram. In New Brunswick, the average price of one-gram weed is 8.99 Canadian dollars.

Where to smoke?

The public use of cannabis depends according to local jurisdiction. For instance, you cannot smoke on the sidewalk in Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Yukon, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan because it is still banned. However, in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia, you are allowed to smoke weed anywhere as it is legal – with the exception of children being present.  For further information, check over here.

Is it illegal to smoke and drive?

While cannabis is legal, it is still legal to smoke and drive. It is important that the cannabis is sealed and out of reach to drivers and passengers during transit or transport. If caught, you will face serious repercussions.

Final words

There are always risks when you buy weeds online. With this, it is important that you choose the right dispensaries when purchasing online. Otherwise, you may never receive your order or see your money.