In this decade, internet is one thing everyone uses on their daily routine. To reach people, internet is the best possible way. After understanding this, most of the people start websites both for the business and personal purpose. Creating the website can never take you to the people; you must do something else to stay ahead of the competitors you have. It is mandatory to take actions on your search engine results. Those who hold the top rank grab the attraction of the people and directly their profit gets increased. In order to improve your profit, you have to involve on the things that helps you climb the top rank in search engine results and maintain the position. Try the search engine optimization techniques.

 If you are not aware of what a search engine optimization is, then it is process carried out to increase the visibility on search engine results. The search engines orders the websites on the basis of time spend by the people and bounce rate etc. website in which the people spends more of their time holds the first position on the search engine. The rank in the search engine results is not a permanent one, to hold the top rank, it is mandatory to involve on certain things.

It majorly contains three types such as white hat method, black hat method and gray hat method. Optimizing the website with user friendly design, user interface to access, high quality back link, plagiarism free unique content and many more things should be employed. These things come under white hat method. It is more authenticated and legalized method. Black hat method is another thing that uses link building and few other types which are found not authenticated by the search engines. But it gives good results and once it searches engines caught you; it debars everything that you have tried to build your rank. The grey hat method is more like a combination these two techniques. Trying these things helps you to maintain good rank on search engine results.

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