Are you planning to buy a robot vacuum? Doesn’t have any ideas on what to choose? Don’t fret! This article will serve as a guide so you can come up with a decision on what model to buy. If talking about the best, Roomba 960 and 980 is the two best option to choose from.

These two top of the line robot vacuums both offer mapping technology and Wi-Fi connectivity. But how these two compare?

The Differences: Roomba 960 vs. 980

Roomba 960 Roomba 980
No carpet boost Carpet boost
75-minute battery 120-minute battery
One virtual wall Two virtual walls
Older motor Newer motor
5x suction 10x suction
cheaper $200 more

There are specs in Roomba 980 that may not matter in daily use. That’s why even if it has a newer motor, Roomba 960 is still the favorite of many because of its price value. So, if you prefer premium features at a lower price, go with Roomba 960. But if you prefer the latest go with Roomba 980.

Use of iRobot Home App and Wi-Fi Connectivity 

Both Roomba 960 and 980 can connect with your home Wi-Fi network. This enables you to manage the Roomba robot vacuum remotely and change it according to your preference. The same iRobot app is used for these two smart devices. The app also offers the same functionalities between Robot 960 and 980. You can download the iRobot app on both Android and iOS.

Within the iRobot home app, you can control the Roomba’s cleaning schedule and change it according to your preferences. It also has a feature that allows you to vacuum a particular area more than once. Since these smart vacuum devices can map out your house, they’ll clean each area once instructed. So, if you want to make sure that all the floors are dirt and dust-free, you can tell the robot to do another cleaning to certain areas. The particular site will help in understanding better and so click this site.

Do You Need Wi-Fi to use Roomba 960 and 980? 

It is recommended to connect with your home’s wireless connection, though it is not required. Both of these smart devices can work even without Wi-Fi. But there are features you can’t use that involve the usage of the iRobot Home app. These features are:

  • Scheduled cleanings – do the cleanings by following schedules
  • Edge-clean – additional cleanings along walls
  • Carpet boost – for Roomba 980 only
  • Two cleaning passes – it’ll make two passes.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you’ll miss out on the other features that a Roomba robot can offer.

Cleaning Power: Roomba 960 vs. 980 

The manufacturer claims that Roomba 980 is equipped with the latest technology of 10x AeroForce system where 960 can only provide half of it. With this cleaning power, you might think that 980 will do a lot of cleaning compared to 960. But in reality, it doesn’t have any significant change with these two suction power. Both are performing about the same, and both of these smart cleaning devices have the same level of strength in suction power.

The verdict 

For everyday use, Roomba 960 is worth the price. With the same features as 980, you can see that it’s worth the buy. Both can offer premium features, but 960 offer a lower price compared to Roomba 980. For a broader comparison between these two, read this complete product review of Roomba 980 vs 960.