In recent days many people have started to grind their herbs before using them. Grinders simply speed up the process of separating the dry herbs and make them easy to preserve when finely grounded. When you pull an herb by hand, pollen and other unwanted ingredients tend to stick to your fingers and reduce the potent of the herbs. Many people have started to go for a personalized grinder that suit their taste. This is done in order to adapt a themed kitchen or area in the house. Some collect certain types of images or icons in their collection and would like to have their grinders themed as one.


There are many types of in a personalized grinder. Most of them are either plastic or metal while most people prefer the metal kind and have at least two of the interlocking pieces. They work in such a fashion that if the lid and the base portion are moved in opposite direction (say clockwise and anti-clockwise directions) the grinder will simply grind up any herb inside. Most people prefer to get a personalised grinder that has some kind of icon in the lid. It makes grinding a fun activity and needless to say that for people who collect symbols and icons, these grinders are the perfect way to add to your collection.

All about the grinders:

Most grinders fit right in your hand. There are different pieces of grinders that makes them differ in size such as the 2-piece, 3-piece and the 4-piece grinders.

  • 2-piece Grinders: These have only one compartment where you can ground your herbs and store them. It is smaller than the other types and cheaper.
  • 3-piece Grinders: A 3-piece Grinder has 2 compartments where there are holes at the upper layer that leads to another compartment where you can store your grind herbs easily for usage. The 3-piece Grinder grounds the herbs more evenly than the 2-piece Grinder.
  • 4-piece Grinders: This type of grinder has a total of 3 compartments which includes a pollen filter which catches pollens. This filter catches the fine residues that escape the other types of grinders and is considered as the best type of grinder for all types of herbs.

Types of grinder:

There are different types of grinders when it comes to grounding herbs.

  • Metal
  • Acrylic
  • Plastic
  • Wood


Grinders are easily available in shops near you and in the e-shopping portal. Before you buy your grinder makes sure you have had enough research about the equipment. Not every type of grinder is durable and efficient in fitting to your needs. Grinders are very good producers of vaporizing herbs. So when you buy one, ensure that the specifications mentioned are right for you.